Comp 4 shifts

My blog for composition 3 talked solely about police brutality, and made it obvious that it needed to be stopped. However, this is simply not enough to go on for composition 4. As I shift my composition from webpage to paper I have decided to modify it accordingly. Mainly I will also be embracing and enlightening on solutions to the epidemic of police brutality. Most of the content can be carried over from composition 3 to composition 4. Adding solutions and expanding upon them adds a new challenge to the formula. Although the solutions are promising for the reader, it would be wise to note that there will always be police who abuse their authority. The best we can do is to minimize it’s chances of happening. I feel in this way, the better mode for the composition is the essay, not the blog. The point of the blog is to showcase the crimes of our criminal justice system, not the solutions to that problem.


Composition 4

My argument for composition 4 is that the police are not above the law. This differs from my third composition which was overall to stop police brutality. My audience just like composition 3 is the American people as a whole. As the composition shifts from one medium to the next the overall message stays the same. I feel that it is important that the American people as a whole must see the abuse of power that many Police officers seem to be taking action on. They feel that because they wear a badge and have a gun that all of a sudden they can do whatever they want to whoever the please. I want my paper to show clearly that not only are they not above the law but that they oppress the very people they are meant to protect.

Comp 3 Redux

Aside from the content that I still need to add the only thing I feel I need to change about my blog for Composition 3 is to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The biggest challenge is digitally manipulating images from their original sizes to fit the website. I’ve done this previously, e.g. comp 2; but it is time consuming and often times frustrating. The second challenge which comes even before the previously mentioned difficulty is finding a suitable image to fit my website. Is certain content too graphic to be simply displayed as the reader opens up the blog homepage? Is the image even relevant to the blog in any way shape or form? These are all questions I must consider when attempting to visually re-do the website. Just as important as the aforementioned topic is finding a suitable theme to fit the blog. The only reason why I chose the current theme is because it didn’t have such a lighthearted feel to it; which in my opinion would detract from the site itself. All in all it’s playing out to be much more work than I had intended, but it is still manageable.

comp 3 difficulties

The biggest problem I have with composition 3 at this point in time is just the sifting through information. With hundreds of articles about police brutality (aside from the countless more about Michael Brown, Eric Garner etc.). It gets really tedious just going page after page. Other than that there really aren’t too many problems. I think the second biggest challenge is going to be writing the actual blog posts that go with the article. I feel that in certain cases I can only say so much. The whole project is very time consuming, and just the thought of sitting around for hours trying to figure out what to say stresses me out the most. Figuring out the correct amount of posts I’m going to make is also irritating me a bit. I could post article after article on the subject but it’s not easy to just pick a few. I’m also still deciding on whether or not to do an intro post for  the entire thing which would pretty much summarize the blog and what it’s about. I still haven’t decided yet though.

Comp 3 Mediums

For my 3rd composition I’ve decided to break the project down into two parts. The first is going to be a small presentation that overall represents my topic and point. I haven’t exactly chosen a method to deliver this yet. I could possibly do a commercial. The short span of a commercial makes it easier to hold an audience’s attention. The cons are that it may be hard to get my full point across in the short time frame that I have. My second option could be an interactive presentation. In this medium it is easier for me to address the subject matter because the presentation is longer. The cons are that I still haven’t worked out how I would make it Interactive. For the second part I’ve already chosen to  make a separate blog with individual posts showcasing different articles about police brutality cases within the past year or so. These posts will be open to comments from anyone, making it interactive and interesting at the same time.

Comp 3 sources

I still haven’t decided which topic to pick but I decided to do research into both topics.

Source One

This source isn’t even a single article. Coming from the Huffington Post, is a whole page just simply full of police brutality articles. Not only do they cover specific incidents of police brutality, they also cover ways that it can be prevented. For example, an article showing the correlation between body cameras and a decrease in brutality incidents. Or, A video of police officers in Delaware opening fire on a man in a wheelchair.

Source 2

This is a source for our environment. This one source simply covers the air pollution in NYC alone, and is a website put out but the city of New York. 6% of deaths in New York are from air pollution alone. With an annual death rate of 95,620 that means it kills 5,737 people a year. That means per year 5,737 people simply die from breathing.

Source 3

The third article talks about the air pollution on a national scale. It mainly talks about how air pollution leads to up to 200,000 early deaths per year. It also shows that the most awful pollution is located in the eastern USA. The only other area to suffer comparable pollution was California. Both areas are heavily urbanized, showing a direct link between urbanization and high pollution.

Comp 3

There are a few topics I would like to write about for composition 3. The first of which is the idea of prohibition and why it just never works. Historically, and currently a large percentage of crime is committed because of prohibition. I believe that certain prohibitions should be lifted within the US. The next topic I’d like to cover or at least shed light upon is police brutality. it’s been a crazy year since last September, we can all agree that a large focus was put on the police and how they handle, or fail to handle the situations they’re put in. Out of the 3 major police brutality cases over the year, all three incited protests in American cities, two of which turned into riots, and in only one case was an officer indicted. The third thing I’d like to speak about is the environment. Have you ever stood atop Mt. Montclair and looked out at the New York City skyline and realized you couldn’t see a thing? That is because you see New York through a cloud of smog which is there most of the time you look. As we continually chop down our trees to make new malls and highways we also cut down our clean air. It seems that in recent times, the very environment we live in has taken a backseat to other political issues. Although, depending on the events of 2016, there may not be much environment left to care for.

Topic Recap

Prohibition-bad, ineffective

Police Brutality- Is an officer of the law above the law?

The Environment- Should be more conscious of where we live/what we do.

99 problems of Compositon 2

Composition 2 happens to be kicking my ass. I’m still attempting to decide between a reality TV script, and  a buzzfeed type article. I’ve decided to work on both side by side, refining each as I go along. When both are done I will choose which I feel is better. What concerns me most with composition 2 is the fact that I feel like I am not making any progress. It frustrates me to the point of anger to feel like I’m spinning in circles. The advantage to the script is that I feel that it is more entertaining, my audience would rather watch a TV show than read. One of the biggest downsides on the other hand is that it’s hard to make the point in a TV script. The buzzfeed article is more focused on the actual tips/strategies section, while taking away from what was the actual experience. I feel that the buzzfeed article would lack a certain entertainment aspect that the TV script fills.

Composition 2

Currently, I plan on using a PowerPoint for composition 2. The PowerPoint allows me to not only tell my audience my message, but shows it to them as well. I feel that a healthy combination of text and images would be the most effective way to deliver my point. The combination allows the audience to stay entertained and attentive towards the presentation. There are limitations to using PowerPoint though. I need to be able to keep my points short and organized. It’s kind of hard to keep the points short yet still provide enough details so that the audience can fully get what I’m trying to say. I do have other options besides a PowerPoint though. I could make a video or possibly write a separate blog with a new post for each point. My mind is still open to new options.

Blog 2

Well it would appear my paper needs massive amounts of work. At first I thought that I could simply add a bit here and trim a bit there but I was quite mistaken. I realized that my paper had to be totally redone. Obviously it’s not fun to rewrite an entire paper but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.